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woman sitting in Santorini taking a selfie

People cheering at a Malibu rum promotional sampling

Mochi Donut at Double Chicken Please NYC
Me enjoying my drink @ Baba Au Rum
Clouds @ Paradiso Barcelona

Goals for 2024:

  • Being invited on 5 FAM or press trips.
  • Writing 75-100 blog posts.
  • Doubling my current income
  • Paying off my debt.
  • Pitching to 50 brands / tourism boards.
  • Creating one product.

As I raise a glass to 2023, my heart is full of gratitude.

While this year held difficulty and grief, the joys and blessings far outweighed the hardships. My business expanded, allowing me to bring promotional experiences to even more audiences. My blog grew, providing a platform to inspire and uplift. And I was gifted with quality time and rich memories with my brave mother and others I love.

There were certainly moments of fear and uncertainty, but I enter 2024 with renewed passion, purpose, and perspective. Every year since 2018 has taught me that life is precious and unpredictable – so I aim to live fully, give generously, and appreciate each marvelous moment I’m given. The future is unwritten, but I’m eager to face it head-on, continue growing, and always see the beauty in the journey. Cheers to a new year and new adventures!

Meet Maribel, The Queen of Trips, a survivor who turned her cancer journey into a source of inspiration for fellow travelers. Join her as she fearlessly explores the world, showing that life after cancer is a testament to resilience and the power of living fully.

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