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Here are the best travel tools and apps that I use as a Solo Female Traveler. After years of wandering solo across continents, these are the apps that I swear by anytime I’m globetrotting solo. As a solo female traveler, I’ve learned to use technology to help me navigate the world conveniently and safely. Trying to figure everything out by yourself in unfamiliar territory while traveling solo can be overwhelming. That’s why having the right tools and apps in your toolkit can make all the difference while turning challenges into confidence.

These apps help me with everything from trip planning, transportation, accommodation, language translation, budgeting, and more. I’ve discovered through trial and error that having these apps available empowers me to handle just about anything that comes my way on the road.

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Google Maps and Translate

1. 👑Google Maps and Translate: Indispensable for your journey, Google Maps provides seamless navigation, local reviews, and offline access. Google Translate breaks language barriers, offering translations for various languages, making communication easier and travel more immersive.

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2. 👑Wanderlog: A comprehensive trip planner and organizer, Wanderlog assists in creating detailed itineraries and keeping all travel essentials in one place. It maps routes, shows you your scheduled activities, and tracks spending. It is my favorite travel organizer.

Iphone with an image of Wanderlog app

XE Currency Converter

3. 👑XE Currency Converter: XE Currency Converter gives you real-time exchange rates for numerous currencies, allowing you to manage and convert your funds money without hassles. This helps you keep your coins in check by making sure you don’t pay an outrageous amount in a different currency.  


4. 👑Duolingo: Ideal for basic language learning, Duolingo is a gamified way to learn multiple languages. It’s a great way to practice the languages you’ll need during your travels.


5. 👑Rome2rio: A versatile app that provides information on transport options between destinations. It offers details on travel routes, timings, and costs for various transportation modes, streamlining your travel plans.


6. 👑Flush: An essential app that locates the nearest public restrooms while on the go. I used it a few times in Paris and Athens, and it worked.  

Hostelworld or Booking.com

7. 👑Hostelworld or Booking.com: These platforms help you find budget-friendly accommodation options—hostels, hotels, or apartments. Do your research before booking on these apps and ensure that if you need to cancel, do so before the last day possible to receive a refund.  Hostelworld also allows you to chat with travelers before you arrive. This gives you an easier way to meet people.


8. 👑Couchsurfing: Hear me out… I don’t use Couchsurfing to stay on people’s couches. Couchsurfing has a great feature that allowed me to meet people while I was in Vietnam. You could create a hangout or an event, and other people on the app could come to meet you. I hosted some of these in public places in Da Nang and met people from all over the world.


9. 👑 Trainline: is my go-to for all things train and bus travel, and it has been a total game-changer during my European trips. This app makes it easy to see all train schedules, book tickets, and live updates while on the road.  

Amazon Photos

10. 👑 Amazon Photos: I am a Prime subscriber so this comes as a free service to me. It helps me backup photos and videos while I am on the road. I have used it as a 2nd or 3rd backup for all of the footage I have captured on my trips.

Get Your Guide and Viator

11. 👑 Get your Guide and Viator: I use these apps to find things to do in the places I will be visiting and I book most of the attractions I visit using these two apps.


12. 👑 Airalo: I never have to search for where to buy a SIM card when traveling. Airalo provides affordable, hassle-free access to data in over 190 countries. This service allows me to connect to local networks without switching physical SIM cards. The eSIMs from Airalo can be quickly activated through an app, which allows me to stay connected. Use code MARIBE5241 for $3.00 0ff your first eSIM.

Nord VPN

13. 👑 Nord VPN: is a reliable and secure virtual private network (VPN) that ensures an added layer of protection while browsing the internet. NordVPN offers enhanced privacy and security, mainly when using public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes, or other public places. It shields your personal data from potential cyber threats, safeguards against online surveillance, and allows access to geo-restricted content.

Culture Trip

14. 👑 Culture Trip:is one of my favorite resources for travel. It offers content on various cultural experiences and travel insights. It provides personalized recommendations for activities, dining, sightseeing, and hidden gems in whatever destination I will be visiting.The app offers articles, city guides, and suggestions on off-the-beaten-path places to explore.

Visit A City

15. 👑 Visit A City: this app is an excellent resource for solo female travelers, providing detailed itineraries and over 2000 travel guides for over 7,000 destinations worldwide. It offers pre-made, customizable travel plans that include top attractions, points of interest, walking routes, and insightful local advice.

Using the right apps can make travel easier, safer, more affordable, and less intimidating. With planning tools, maps, translation services, budget trackers, and safety resources in your pocket, you can confidently venture out and experience the world on your own. Don’t let solo travel overwhelm you – technology now provides endless resources to empower female adventurers. You can use these travel apps to stay informed, connected, and safe as you journey onward. The world is waiting to be explored.

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