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Yo, una latina posando para una foto en el Latino Travel Fest 2024, una conferencia de viajes celebrada en Elizabeth, NJ 2024. Llevo pantalones color verde azulado y una camisa naranja. Mi atuendo combina con los globos.

¡Atención, viajeras latinas! Are you ready to shake up the travel industry? You may be asking yourself, “but how”? There is a belief that there are no spaces for us to participate and be seen by the travel industry. Well, buckle up, because I’m sharing 10 reasons why Latinas need to attend travel conferences!

During a recent unforgettable experience at Camp Indie, I met a few fellow Latina attendees. Picture this: a gathering of 180 passionate globetrotters, and digital nomads, all buzzing with energy, ideas, and opportunities at an adult summer camp set in the remote Berkshire mountains in Connecticut. As we were getting to know each other, we couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room – the glaring lack of Latina/o/x faces in the crowd. We kept saying, “Imagine the impact if more of us – yes, us Latinas – were there to leave our mark”!

BUT we concluded: that instead of just wishing for more diversity at conferences, we realized that it’s time for action. It’s on us, mi gente, to step up, show up, and make our voices heard in these spaces by attending travel conferences! Can conferences be homogenous? Yes, but that is exactly why I am encouraging you to research and attend more conferences.

Why? Because when we claim our seats at these tables by attending and participating, magic happens. We’re not just attendees; we’re trailblazers, bringing our unique flavors to the mix.

At conferences you will find everything from heartwarming connections with peers to mind-blowing growth opportunities with brands and organizations and even healing experiences – trust me, our community needs this! But we must attend. I also need you to know that your presence at these events isn’t just welcome – it’s absolutely necessary for the future of travel and the travel industry.

I’ll share my experiences and explain why Latinas must step into the world of travel conferences (or niche conferences). And even when we think that there may not be a table for us, we have Latinas like Vanessa Fondeur, who created Latino Travel Fest so that we sit at our own table!

Foto grupal en WITS - 15 conferencias de viaje imprescindibles para viajeros, creadores e influencers
Foto grupal en WITS Salt Lake City

La Situación Actual

Let’s face it: the travel industry, like many others, has a diversity problem.

While Latinas are avid travelers, we’re often underrepresented, if at all, in travel media, marketing campaigns, and industry events.


What the travel industry is missing out on: our voices, and our experiences! They’re pure gold, and it’s time we step into the spotlight!

This lack of representation can make it feel like our voices and experiences aren’t valued. But here’s the truth: our experiences are valuable, and it’s time for us to claim our space.

Why? Because we (Latinos in the U.S.) spend approximately $114 BILLION dollars, yes you read that right, in just domestic travel.

What we spend on international travel is not even tracked. Do you want to know why?

Because we do not fit the demographic that they are looking to market to. A deeper why? Because many people in the travel industry do not believe that we have the spending power to travel the world as we wish.

So brands and organizations will either hear from us with perfect timing or they will miss the opportunity that we represent as a market.

Por qué quiero que más Latinas asistan a conferencias de viajes

When we show up at these conferences, we’re not just attending – we’re representing. We’re making a statement. We’re saying, “Hey, travel world, Latinas are here, we’re exploring, and we’re ready to add a new perspective to this conversation!” Our presence sends a powerful message to the industry: we are planting seeds for diverse voices in travel media and marketing. By increasing our visibility, we pave the way for more diverse voices in the travel industry.

You NEVER know who you will meet.

Travel conferences are goldmines for networking. You’ll meet fellow travelers, bloggers, influencers, and industry professionals who can become collaborators, mentors, or friends. These connections can lead to guest posting opportunities, joint ventures, or even sponsored trips.

As Latinas, we bring a unique perspective that many brands and fellow creators value. Latinos are the untapped financial giant. The potential is huge.

Conferences often feature workshops and talks on everything from improving your photography skills to monetizing your blog. These sessions can help you level up your travel game, whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to turn your passion into a career.

Hearing from successful travel entrepreneurs and creators can be incredibly motivating. Their stories of overcoming obstacles and building thriving businesses can inspire you to pursue your own travel dreams, whatever they may be. Get Inspired, Get Motivated! I would love to see more Latina/o/x sharing their experiences and expertise as speakers at travel conferences.

While we’re representing Latina culture, we’re also learning about other cultures. Travel conferences attract people from all over the world, offering a unique opportunity for cultural exchange right there in the conference hall.

Want to know the latest trends in travel? Conferences are where you’ll hear about them first. You may learn about emerging destinations or new technologies changing the way we travel, you’ll be on the cutting edge of industry knowledge.

Many travel brands attend these conferences looking to connect with content creators. As a Latina, you offer a perspective that many brands are eager to incorporate into their marketing strategies. These connections can lead to paid partnerships and sponsored trips. Brands are always on the hunt for fresh voices and experiences. Again, just domestically we are spending over $114 BILLION dollars on travel. We are now traveling internationally to destinations that are not just our parents’ home countries. Imagine the purchasing power that we have!

Stepping into a conference full of strangers? That takes guts. But with every conversation, every business card swapped, every presentation you rock, you’re blooming into an even more fierce version of yourself. You’re growing both personally and professionally.

There’s something powerful about being in a room full of people who share your passion. Even if you’re the only Latina there (for now), you’ll find a community of travel enthusiasts who understand your love for exploration and adventure. Find Your Travel Tribe!

Tell Our Stories, Change the Narrative As Latinas, our travels are sprinkled with unique flavors from our cultura.

Sharing these stories? It’s not just fun – it’s revolutionary.

We’re broadening horizons and painting a more colorful picture of what a traveler looks like.

Tomando un taller de vuelo de drones en Camp Indie - 15 conferencias de viaje imperdibles para viajeras, creadoras e influencers

Derribando Barreras

I know the idea of stepping into a travel conference might feel scarier than trying to fit your entire wardrobe into a carry-on. But here’s the truth: those fears? They’re just bumps on your road to success. You’ve got the power to overcome them, and I’m here to show you how. Let’s tackle those common concerns head-on:

Costo: Many conferences offer early bird discounts or scholarships. Some even have volunteer opportunities that include free admission. When there’s a will there is a way. Find one!

Síndrome del impostor: Recuerda, tu perspectiva es valiosa. No necesitas ser una bloguera famosa o tener una gran cantidad de seguidores para asistir y beneficiarte de estos eventos.

Barreras del Idioma: Aunque la mayoría de las conferencias son en inglés, no dejes que esto te desanime. Tu voz única es lo que importa, y muchos asistentes y oradores son multilingües.

Falta de Representación: Be the change you want to see. Your presence can inspire other Latinas to attend future events or even create their own.

¡Sacando el máximo provecho de tu experiencia en conferencias!

You’ve made it to the conference – now it’s time to shine brighter than a supernova!

Remember, you’re not just there to take notes and collect business cards. You’re there to make waves, leave your mark, and show the travel world what Latina power looks like. Here’s your roadmap to conference domination:

  1. Prepárate con antelación. Investiga a los conferenciantes y asistentes, y haz una lista de las personas con las que te gustaría conectar.

  2. Participa Activamente: Ask questions during sessions, participate in workshops, and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to others. You were not born to be a wallflower (unless that’s what you want to be).

  3. Comparte tu Perspectiva: Tus experiencias como viajera latina son únicas y valiosas. ¡No te reprimas, compártelas!

  4. Haz seguimiento: Después de la conferencia, mantén contacto con las personas que conociste a través de redes sociales o por correo electrónico para mantener esas relaciones. Énviales un mensaje privados o un correo electrónico para mantener vivas tus nuevas conexiones. Para ser completamente transparente, esto es algo en lo que necesito mejorar.

  5. Aplica lo que has aprendido: Pon en práctica los consejos y estrategias que has aprendido para elevar tu creación de contenido de viajes.
Creatores de contenido latinos preparándose para una foto en WITS Puerto Rico - 18 Conferencias de Viajes IMPRESCINDIBLES para Viajeros, Creadores e Influencers
Creadoras de contenido preparándose para una foto en WITS Puerto Rico

El Efecto Dominó

When Latinas attend travel conferences, the impact goes beyond personal growth. We’re changing the face of the travel industry, one conference at a time. Our presence challenges stereotypes, brings fresh perspectives to travel content, and inspires the next generation of Latina travelers and content creators.

Al asistir a estos eventos, no solo estamos abriendo puertas para nosotras mismas, sino que las estamos manteniendo abiertas para que otros nos sigan. Estamos mostrando a las jóvenes Latinas que hay un lugar para ellas en el mundo de los viajes, ya sea como blogueras, influencers o profesionales de la industria.

Una Llamada a Tomar Acción

So, amigas, it’s time to pack our bags and head to the next travel conference. Whether it’s TBEX, Women in Travel Summit, Camp Indie, Latino Travel Fest, or other industry events, let’s show up and make sure our voices are heard.

Let’s network, learn, and grow together. Let’s change the face of travel, one conference at a time.

Recuerda, tu historia importa. Tu voz importa. Y la industria de los viajes necesita escucharte. Entonces, ¿quién está lista para acompañarme al próximo congreso de viajes?


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