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3 Women of Color Exchanging gifts

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Las mujeres que viajan solas a menudo enfrentan críticas injustificadas y oposición por nuestro deseo de explorar de manera independiente. Como amigo o familiar solidario, tu objetivo es no solo fomentar su espíritu aventurero, sino también asegurarte de que esté bien preparada para el viaje. Por eso he creado esta guía de regalos seleccionados, llena de ideas consideradas diseñadas para preparar a la mujer que viaja sola en tu vida para el éxito en sus futuros viajes. Desde equipos versátiles hasta ingeniosos dispositivos de seguridad y equipaje confiable, estos regalos cumplen todos los requisitos para una aventura solitaria memorable y segura.


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  • Compañeros de Viaje de Alta Tecnología.
  • Regalos ingeniosos para llenar las botas Navideñas
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Regalos por Menos de $50

La mochila Travelon Anti-robo Signature Slim.

Mochila antirrobo negra de Travelon
La vista trasera de la mochila Travelon.

Hablando sinceramente, las bolsas de Travelon no son las más bonitas. Lo que son conocidas es por ser bolsas antirrobo. Estas bolsas tienen cierres con llave, paneles y correas resistentes a ser cortadas y desgarradas, y protección RFID para tarjetas de crédito y pasaportes. Están hechas de nylon duradero, resistente al agua y a las manchas. Actualmente tengo dos bolsas diferentes de Travelon y las llevo conmigo en mis viajes. Son livianas y la mayoría de las veces se pueden enrollar para que quepan en mis maletas. ¿Son elegantes? No, pero me hace sentir más segura tener una bolsa que tiene todas estas características adicionales incorporadas. De la línea de Travelon, encontré que esta mochila es la más elegante para aquellas viajeras que quieren tener estilo y funcionalidad al mismo tiempo.

Mochila de senderismo Venture Pal 40L ligera y plegable para viajes de día.

Si la mujer que viaja sola en tu vida es una excursionista, esto es una excelente mochila / mochila de día.. Pesa solo 1.05 libras y tiene un diseño de bolsillo húmedo que separa los artículos mojados de los secos. Esta mochila está fabricada con nylon de alta calidad resistente a las rasgaduras y al agua, cuenta con cremalleras metálicas resistentes y refuerzos en puntos de tensión clave, lo que proporciona durabilidad duradera frente a las actividades diarias. Está disponible en 8 colores diferentes, desde este hermoso color magenta hasta tonos más sobrios.

Core Rocketbook Notebook

Rocketbook notebooks
Rocketbook Smart notebook

This reusable notebook is a game changer!! If the solo female traveler in your life loves to document their travels, this is a great gift!. Thanks to its integrated smart features and the Rocketbook App, any traveler can transform handwriting into digital searchable text. This notebook brings eco-friendly efficiency with its reusable magic. Simply scan notes to the cloud, wipe the pages clean with the included cloth, and voilà, it’s ready for a brand-new set of ideas. One notebook equals more than 100 notebooks, making it the sustainable choice that keeps on giving! Rocketbook Core comes with everything you need, from the patented notebook, a Pilot Pen, and a microfiber cleaning cloth, to the Rocketbook App with cloud-sharing technology. Available in 16 vibrant colors, it’s not just a notebook; it’s a statement of your style

Compass Rose Travel Accessories Slim Packing Cubes with Unique Number AND Color Coded Organization 

Carryon bag with 4 Compass Rose Packing Cubes neatly packed in.
Cubos de empacar marca Compass Rose

Created by Travel Fashion Girl, these packing cubes boast a unique number AND color-coded system, making packing a carry-on bag experience a breeze. These cubes are crafted from durable nylon, ensuring they can handle the wear and tear of any adventure. They keep my luggage organized. I use each cube for a category of clothing. One of the cubes may hold all of my shirts and blouses, a second one will hold my bottoms, another will hold socks, underwear and 2 pajamas, etc. They are the perfect carry-on size, so they fit the standard sizes well. I am able to create a lot of space in my luggage by using these cubes.

TRAVELREST Nest Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Blue neck pillow

This travel pillow is hailed as the top airplane neck pillow for 2018-2023 by the New York Times Wirecutter. It has aced cross-country flights in every seat position imaginable. 100% memory foam and a distinctively angled back, it ensures proper alignment. Why is this important? Perfect for long flights, road trips, and all kinds of journeys, the thermo-sensitive memory foam embraces your neck, shoulders, and head, offering comfort for chronic pain sufferers.

Compañeros de Viaje de Alta Tecnología.

GoPro HERO11 Camera

Best Gifts for Solo Female Travelers - GO Pro 11
Diagonal view of Go Pro Hero 11

A GoPro Hero 11 for recording epic moments in 5.3K clarity. Waterproof down to 33 feet without a housing.

Why not the 12? The specs between both cameras are very similar but by purchasing the Hero 11 over the 12, you get to save some money and you get a lot of bang for your buck! Both cameras record at 5.3K 60fps and have photo resolutions of 27MP. Both cameras are waterproof up to 10m, so unless you are in need of some very niche features on the GoPro Hero 12, then go with the GoPro Hero 11 and save yourself $100 off the price of the GoPro Hero 12.

Apple AirTags

Picture of Apple airtags being held in someone's hand
Picture of Apple airtags being used

These Bluetooth trackers are ideal for placing in luggage or a camera bag, allowing the solo female traveler to track a lost item’s location anywhere in the world via her iPhone. These Airtags offer peace of mind if bags get lost by the airline. This might also provide a sense of security for younger solo female travelers but should not solely be relied upon.

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Woman reading her kindle paper white
A view at the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite

If the solo female traveler in your life is a book lover, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift. The Kindle Paperwhite has 32 GB of storage capacity, wireless charging capabilities, and an auto-adjusting front light that ensures a comfortable reading experience, day or night. Purpose-built for reading enthusiasts, its flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display mimic the feel of real paper, even under the sun’s brightest rays. A single charge via USB-C or a compatible Qi wireless charger (sold separately) provides up to 10 weeks of reading time.

Insta360 Go 3

White Insta360 Go3

This tiny camera is on my wishlist. I love to capture content, but I am also very camera-shy. The fact that this camera is only 35 grams and less than 3 inches long makes it easy to clip or attach to anything, which might make me lose my camera shyness. It records in 2.7K for approximately 40 minutes. The Insta 360 Go 3 camera has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means you can use it for snorkeling or swimming at depths of up to 16 feet (5 meters). I would love to give this camera a try!

Regalos ingeniosos para llenar las botas Navideñas

Cellphone Tripod with Wireless Remote

Phone Tripod and controller
Best Gifts for Solo Travelers - Tripod sizes

One of the hardest things for solo female travelers to do is be able to take good pictures during the trip. Most of us do not feel comfortable handing our phones over to strangers for them to take a picture of us. Also, when we hand the phone over, there is no guarantee that the person taking the picture will do a good job. In those cases, a cellphone tripod comes to the rescue! One of my biggest regrets is not purchasing one earlier. My earlier solo trips consisted of all handheld selfie pictures because I did not have an easy way to take pictures of myself during my trips.

Door Locks

Red door lock

This portable door lock features multiple sizes to fit most doors, giving your traveler added security in hotel rooms, apartments, or any unfamiliar space. Its design makes it perfect for on-the-go, fitting seamlessly into a handbag. This lock is easy-to-use and its installation is nail-free, the smooth-touch, heavy-duty steel construction of this portable door lock provides a strong sense of security, making it an essential companion for solo female travelers.

 Sleep Headphones

Black Sleeping Mask

Indulge the solo female traveler in your life with the gift of sound sleep wherever she goes. This mask combines 5.0 Bluetooth wireless and functionality, making it an ideal companion for side sleepers. The mask provides sound through ultra-thin stereo speakers, while the built-in microphone ensures hands-free convenience. I have used this type of sleep mask to sleep in hostels and other noisy places.

For more gift ideas, check out my Amazon Storefront. You will find items that I want, have used, and recommend. If there is an item that you would like me to add to the list, leave a comment below.

Regalos experienciales para inspirar el deseo de viajar

Get Your Guide

A house fully decorated for Christmas

I love to enjoy a city by doing unique activities and tours that are not so common or mainstream. I typically use Get Your Guide and a few other sites to find things to do. For example, this Christmas Lights Tour in Brooklyn that you can enjoy if you happen to be in NYC this Holiday Season. So many of these activities will give you a different perspective than what you would normally see, and that is why I recommend checking out Get Your Guide on your next trip.

Conoce a Maribel, La Reina de los Viajes, una sobreviviente que convirtió su trayecto contra el cáncer en una fuente de inspiración para otros viajeros. Únete a ella mientras explora intrépidamente el mundo, demostrando que la vida después del cáncer es un testimonio de la resiliencia y el poder de vivir plenamente.

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