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Pack your bags, grab your passport, and prep your heart for the adventure of a lifetime—it’s time to fall in love with solo travel! Statistics show that not only are women more likely to travel than men, but they also make the majority of travel decisions. So what does solo travel have to do with self care and self love?

As a Latina raised in the sunny Miami, I know a thing or two about indulging the senses. But solo travel taught me an even deeper joy: the pleasure of self-discovery while traveling solo. Solo travel was a childhood dream of mine. I discovered the magic of exploring the world when I first visited Colombia at the young age of 4. Back then, I thought only scientists got to jet-set around the globe. I dreamt of working for Nat Geo, uncovering ancient ruins, or diving into oceanography—anything involving traveling.

Through solo journeys through my state and to breathtaking destinations around the world, I learned to know myself better without the distractions of home. I have confronted my fears, navigated new cultures with languages I do not speak, and returned with a confidence that now infuses everything I do. 

Solo travel transformed me from the inside out. Solo Travel as an act of Self Care and Self Love. I consider it to be one of the biggest investments in loving yourself.

Keep reading to find out how traveling alone can become a celebration of self-love and an investment in your personal growth. I’ll also share tips to help you plan your own journey of a lifetime!

Before we begin, we must shatter one limiting belief that comes up repeatedly in conversations: “If I am traveling solo, won’t I feel lonely?” Let me tell you that while traveling solo, you are only as alone as YOU want to be. If you want to take the day to explore on your own, you can do that. If you want to meet people, there are ways to do it so you are not lonely. YOU can choose how lonely or not you want this trip to be.

The Quest for Self-Love

In today’s society, the quest for self-love often gets overshadowed by the pressure to conform. We may suppress our unfulfilled dreams to meet external expectations from society. We are often pressured, marketed to and conditioned to live life according to external pressures. Yet deep within, the longing persists for something more.

Solo travel offers a rebellious path to reconnect with our authentic selves. We can rediscover our forgotten passions by stepping away from “shoulds” and routines. By indulging these neglected parts of ourselves, solo travel becomes a radical act of self-love in an era dominated by the constant buzz of social media and the eternal pursuit of external validation. 

The pressure to conform to societal norms and the bombardment of curated lives on social media like Instagram adn Tik Tok, often leave women feeling inadequate. Solo travel is a deliberate choice to break free from the mold, even though solo travel now seems trendier than ever. 

We live increasingly “connected” lives, yet this constant stimulation leaves little room for self reflection. If anything, we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves and with people in real life. With only your thoughts for company, mental clutter disappears while enjoying a different location (even within your own city) with new eyes. 

Woman wearing the traditional Vietnamese conical hat and round eyeglasses.  She is smiling.

Trying New Things Brings Growth

Sometimes, the fear of judgment from our friends and families may prevent us from attempting new activities back home. 

Solo travel lets you try bold new experiences without self-consciousness. Take that cooking class. Learn salsa dancing. Go scuba diving. With no one watching, you will feel free to make mistakes, laugh at yourself, and feel proud for pushing your boundaries. You may even return home with new skills and a sense of freedom.

Traveling solo means spending most of your time alone rather than in a group. While you may meet some friendly fellow adventurers, this is your chance to truly indulge in activities YOU love. This is the perfect opportunity to not create a full itinerary and give yourself the chance to indulge in your interests and passions. No one but you has to know!

Reconnect with the hobbies that spark joy, whether photography, cooking classes, crafting, journaling, sketching, or theatre. Wander off the main streets and get “lost” down side alleys while discovering shops you would’ve never seen otherwise. Linger over long, leisurely meals without rushing to the next spot. Give yourself the space to be your most authentic self.

Once you experience the freedom of tailoring each day to do exactly what you want, you’ll happily wave goodbye to group tours and schedules. Solo travel is the ultimate act of self-care!

In 2022, I won a ticket from Christine Lozada to an event I didn’t know much about called WanderFest. I had no idea what a travel conference would be like because I never before thougth of myself as a travel blogger or content creator. I didn’t even know that they existed. I had no one else that would’ve been interested to come with me so I decided to attend by myself.

The weather ended up being horrible BUT I had an amazing time. I met women that were interested in traveling. Many were content creators and for the first time, being a content creator became a more realistic way of life to me. I met so many that were making income as content creators.

For a long time, I allowed self doubt and the fear of the judgment from others hold me back from living experiences that I want in my life. Solo traveling to this event allowed me to try something new and opened the doors to a community that I wanted to be a part of. This year will be my 3rd year attending travel conferences and I love to grow as a person and as a content creator.

Women taking a picture with Oneika Raymond, travel blogger, in New Orleans at WanderFest.

Solo Travel Requires Courage

When you confront your fears, you show yourself what you are capable of. When I was planning my “Cancer Victory Tour,” one of my biggest fears was to be in places where I didn’t speak the language. I was scared of what would happen if something terrible happened, and I would not be able to effectively communicate. 

I was in Vietnam riding through rice paddies on a scooter, and low and behold, I slid on slippery, dry dirt, fell, and scraped my knee pretty badly. Some people saw me fall and did not help. This happens everywhere. But others immediately jumped to action, and even though we did not share a language, they pointed me in the direction of a pharmacy. One lady even walked with me and waited for me to be seen by the pharmacist. She was so sweet, and I was grateful for her company. 

A picture of my patched up leg after falling off my scooter.

As we go through situations we were fearful of, we find ourselves letting go of those limiting beliefs that have held us back, realizing our true potential. It’s like shedding old layers of armor that held us back. And in doing so, we build a resilience that aligns perfectly with our most daring dreams.

Through acts of courage like solo travel, we break free from the ties we created. We stretch our identities to expand fuller expressions of ourselves. No longer willing to play small, we blossom into versions of who we can be.

Some of the biggest fears that may hold you back from solo travel include:

  • Fear of loneliness or isolation
  • Fear of looking foolish or making mistakes
  • Fear of language barriers or getting lost
  • Fear of crime or the unfamiliar
  • Fear of boredom or running out of things to do

However, every single one of these fears can be overcome with proper planning and precaution. Choosing safe accommodations, learning key phrases in the local language, packing a guidebook, and leaving room for spontaneity in your itinerary can help ease worries.  Start small if needed – maybe your first solo trip is simply across your state. But don’t let fear cause you to postpone adventures indefinitely. With each solo journey, your self-trust will grow. 

Investing in Self-Love

Solo travel is an intentional investment in self-love. We discover our worth by wandering off the beaten path – geographically and metaphorically. We reconnect with our essence, releasing roles, labels, and expectations. We learn we are enough, just as we are.

Upon returning home, this hard lesson of self-love radiates into all areas of life. We leave behind people pleasing. We listen and honor our needs. We spend time more intentionally on what nourishes us. We embrace ourselves with compassion.

Solo travel allows deep self-discovery, strengthens relationships, builds confidence, and shifts your perspective. The gift of solo travel is permission to live fully as we are.

Finding Tranquility in Nature

Solo travel allows you to soak up the healing powers of nature. Lounge on an empty beach with a book. Trek through mountain trails filled with quiet and stillness. Stargaze in the desert. The sounds of nature, in addition to solitude, create a healing environment. You’re able to engage in activities that rejuvenate your spirit. Nature’s tranquility gives you relaxation and space for mindful reflection.

Woman smiling with sunglasses on in the Colombian jungle.

Building Lasting Global Connections

Sadly, many people miss out on this great opportunity during their travels. However, through my solo travels, I have developed empathy, I’ve broken through stereotypes, and solo travel reminds me that humanity shares an unbreakable bond. We are all connected, and we are all part of the human race. 

My most treasured solo travel memories involve the people I met along the way. Conversations in cafes, cooking classes, nature hikes, and other events, allowed me to form authentic connections, appreciate differences, and return home with a more compassionate perspective.

Dinner table filled with people
Eating Dinner at my hostel in Prague

The time is now to gift yourself solo travel. You are worth it. This journey within will reveal your most profound truths, passions, and strengths.

Have you felt inspired to take a solo trip? What destinations or activities call to your solo spirit? I’d love to hear your inspirations and help you turn dreams into plans!

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