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Solo Female Traveler Flavia Cornejo standing outside of a castle. She is wearing a yellow dress. The day is sunny and the picture transmits joy. She is Inspiring Latina Solo Travelers.

Reader’s Spotlight: Flavia Cornejo

Welcome to The Queen of Trips – Reader’s Spotlight where I highlight your stories.

What types of stories will I be sharing? 

Stories of Latina female travelers that are in committed relationships, are married and/or have children and give themselves the space to travel solo.

With these stories I want to dispel the idea that solo travel is only for single women. I know so many amazing women who are moms and/or in committed relationships that enjoy solo travel.  I hope that these stories help more Latinas overcome their limiting beliefs and help them enjoy the gift of solo travel if they wish to do so. I hope these blog posts are inspiring to Latina solo travelers.

If you have your own story that you’d like to share with me and my audience, please fill out this form. I will be sharing it on my newsletter and blog.

For today’s feature we have Flavia Cornejo!

How Did You Decide to Solo Travel for the First Time?

I didn’t want to wait for someone to come with me to go to the places that I was interested in visiting. Mis tias and tios would also say that something could happen to me or that I should go with a friend, but I knew that deep down I’d be fine. 

My parents were surprisingly more supportive than my extended family. As long as I let them know where I’d be then they were okay. They were confident that they had given me the skills to survive on my own in a new country. 

By the time I met my current partner I had already been traveling solo for years. Had he not been supportive of me continuing to travel solo from time to time then it would not have worked out. My personal goals have shifted a bit though and now I really look forward to our joint adventures. Every so often though I want to wander on my own though and it’s ok! I’m currently in the midst of planning a solo 6 week trip for the summer of 2024!

I always make sure I know how to get from the airport to the hostel/Airbnb I’m staying at. This includes knowing what bus or taxi I need to take and approximately how much it would cost so I wouldn’t get scammed into paying more. Before international data was more common, I always had a detailed way of how I had to go. With accessible data plans now, I’ve become a bit more relaxed of doing lots of detailed research beforehand as I can now follow along where I go in a taxi or on the bus. It could also be due to experience that I can now take this approach.

Latina Woman in front of Chichen Itza wearing a traditional Mayan dress

When it comes to solo traveling there are times when it feels lonely, but I always feel more empowered afterwards to know I could do something alone. After every trip I always feel as if I can conquer the world.

Even though I’ve had a partner during most of my solo travels, I didn’t let them interfere with my desire to travel as best I could. My first partner wasn’t the most supportive and it really caused a strain on our relationship and my own personal aspirations.

If any partnered woman or mom in the Latino community who wants to travel solo but feels hesitant needs to know that it is something that only makes you stronger. Even if they don’t start traveling fully solo, they can join a group trip to meet other like minded women who also want to travel. Being surrounded by women who travel will help them feel comfortable to be able to do it themselves.


Egypt. My grandmother had visited 28 years before my visit. She took a photo in front of the Pyramids of Giza and I took a similar photo in the same place. A couple years later my dad visited and also took a similar photo. That memory will live with me forever.

One of my first solo trips was to Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile. I went with no set plans and on my first night I met a group of travelers that I ended up spending the whole week with. It was unexpected, but it was great to find people following a similar route to me to hang out with during that time.

I avoid people knowing that I’m traveling solo. I never share where I am and that I’m alone as I’m traveling to avoid  any unwanted encounters. I’ll delay posting in real time even if it’s for a few hours or a day so people never know exactly where I am.

Self confidence. As a child I was very shy and kept to myself. Solo travel has broken me out of my shell in ways I could have never imagined. 

As a travel blogger, Flavia Cornejo focuses on solo female travel, life abroad, and unique experiences. On her website she shares tips, guides, and itineraries to help women feel comfortable to travel on their own and start a new life in a different place. She now hosts group trips to different countries to be able to travel together. Check out her website, Latina Traveler. Find Flavia on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

By sharing these stories here on The Queen of Trips, I am committed to showcasing diverse experiences. If you have your own story to share, I invite you to fill out the form and become part of our empowering community. Let’s continue to shatter stereotypes and celebrate the richness of women’s travel experiences. Stay tuned for more readers’ stories.

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