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Every day brings the opportunity to make your wanderlust a reality, however at the beginning of the year there is a sense of a new beginning, a feeling that the new year is like an empty book just waiting to be filled in. As the new year kicks off, it’s time to turn travel dreams into actual plans. This year I want you to forget about making vague resolutions that fizzle out by February. Instead, let’s focus on practical steps and techniques to help you manifest travel and bring your desired destinations to life.

Back at the beginning of 2020 I went on what I called The Cancer Victory Tour. It was a trip that I spent a year and a half indirectly manifesting. All through my cancer treatment, one of the things that kept me going was a promise I made to myself that if I survived cancer, I would go on a once in a lifetime trip. The trip was supposed to last 5 months and I would be visiting all 11 Southeast Asian countries. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short (we all know what happened in 2020 that brought the planet to a halt) but I was able to make it to Thailand and Vietnam.

Since October 2018, I spent the majority of my recovery from chemotherapy and multiple surgeries watching You Tube videos of people traveling through Southeast Asia. I would read all I could find about visiting temples and where I would go when I was finally able to go on the trip. I had made lists of places I couldn’t miss out. I envisioned myself walking through the streets and eating the food at the night markets. I felt what it was to be there without being physically there.

Me looking at the Goddess of Mercy in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Me looking at the Goddess of Mercy in Chiang Rai, Thailand

In this guide we leave behind those vague resolutions that are easily forgotten by February and open the door to intentional actions that help you materialize your travel goals. The goal is to finally have your travel dreams take shape as booked flights and plans.

What Does Manifesting Travel Mean?

Manifesting is the process of turning your desired outcomes into reality through intentional thoughts, emotions and actions. When it comes to travel, manifestation means clearly defining your dream trips and experiences, then aligning your energy to attract those goals.

Manifesting travel involves using the power of your thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions to bring about and create the travel experiences you desire. It goes beyond mere daydreaming; it’s a process of actively shaping and attracting the travel outcomes you want in your life.

Some common travel dreams people want to manifest include:

  • Taking a dream trip to a bucket list destination
  • Finding a remote work opportunity to travel long-term
  • Attracting a travel companion or soulmate
  • Gathering the resources to travel full-time
  • Discovering transformative experiences that spark growth

Manifesting these outcomes involves connecting to your inner desires, elevating your mindset and taking action to attract aligned people, events and opportunities.

The concept of manifestation draws from the idea that your thoughts have energy and the potential to influence the circumstances around you. In the context of travel, manifesting involves visualizing your dream destinations, experiences, and adventures. This visualization is often accompanied by positive affirmations, a strong belief in the possibility of your travel goals, and a mindset that aligns with the experiences you wish to have.

Manifesting travel isn’t solely about wishful thinking though; it’s about taking aligned actions as well. This means that, along with visualizing and affirming your travel goals, you actively engage in steps and decisions that move you closer to making those dreams a reality. Aligned actions demonstrate your commitment to your travel intentions and open the door for opportunities, resources, and experiences that support your journey. Simply put, manifesting travel is a way of aligning your energy with your travel goals to attract and bring about the adventures you’ve been dreaming of.

How to Manifest Travel?

Manifesting your first solo female trip involves a combination of mindset shifts, visualization, and taking practical steps toward your goal.

Take note, Here are some manifestation techniques I used for my solo trip through South East Asia:

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  1. Set Clear Intentions: I spent time clearly defining the details of the solo trip. Where I wanted to go? What experiences did I want to have? Were there any restaurants that I could not miss out on?

    Write these down and be specific about your travel goals.

  2. Create a Vision Board: I did not create a vision board per se, I used a notebook and would print pictures from Google to help me visualize the temples in Thailand that I would see on the trip. I then used the notebook as my travel scrapbook during the trip.

    Compile images, quotes, and visuals that represent your ideal solo trip. Place this vision board in a visible location, or a notebook that you use often, to reinforce your intentions daily.

  3. Positive Affirmations: I felt very vulnerable to travel solo after having gone through cancer. I have to say that one of the things that helped me the most was repeating positive affirmations to myself. The affirmations would help me calm my anxiety.

    Develop positive affirmations related to your solo travels. Repeat phrases like “I am confident and capable of traveling alone,” or “Solo travel empowers and enriches my life.” I will leave a long list of travel affirmations you can use in this post about travel affirmations. Find 5-10 that speak to you and use them for your travel manifestation.

  4. Visualization Exercises: Spend time each day visualizing yourself on your solo trip. Picture the destinations, imagine the sights and sounds, and feel the emotions associated with the experience.

    I spent time looking at all of my pictures from past trips. I remembered the feeling of seeing a new place with my own eyes. I tried to hold on to that feeling while imagining myself at different locations in Southeast Asia.

  5. Journaling: Keep a manifestation journal where you document your solo travel aspirations. Write about the places you want to visit, the activities you plan to do, and the positive feelings associated with the journey. (Go back to # 2 above). I would suggest including images or things that remind you of where you want to travel to.

  6. Overcome Fears and Limiting Beliefs: Identify and address any fears or limiting beliefs you may have about solo travel. Challenge these thoughts and replace them with empowering and positive perspectives.

    I wrote down every single limiting belief I had about being able to accomplish this trip. I went through everything from fear of being across the world by myself to not being able to speak the language. Then I wrote what I would do in each situation. If I needed some sort of support, I would research it in Google and then write that down as the answer. I specifically searched for solo female bloggers that had already been to the locations I wanted to go to. It was confirmation to me that seeing these places was possible.

  7. Gratitude Practice: Cultivate gratitude for the opportunity to go on a solo journey. Express gratitude for the experiences you anticipate and for the personal growth that will come from the trip.

    Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. Include a travel related gratitude item every day. I wrote things like: “I am grateful for having the privilege of owning a passport”.

  8. Take Aligned Actions: Break down your solo trip into actionable steps. Whether it’s researching destinations, setting a budget, or creating an itinerary, taking tangible steps aligns your actions with your travel manifestation. Research destinations, make lists, book tickets incrementally. Embrace opportunities to date yourself to build confidence before your trip.

    For most people, one of the biggest setbacks is monetary. It took me almost 4 years to save for the trip I had planned. However, there are trips that you can manifest in as little as 1-3 months if you have good credit. How? Through travel hacking with credit cards.

    Meeting the required spend on credit cards like Chase Sapphire and Capital One Venture X will give you enough points to be able to book your flight and or hotel stays. The only caveat is that if you are trying to get your financial house in order, make sure that you are not overspending just to meet these sign-up bonuses or signing up for credit cards that do not fit your travel hacking strategy.

  9. Save and Budget: Create a savings plan specifically for your travels. Allocate a portion of your income toward a travel fund. Be disciplined about saving, even if the amounts are small. Set them to transfer automatically.

  10. Surround Yourself with Positivity: Engage with stories of other solo female travelers who have had positive experiences. Surrounding yourself with uplifting and empowering narratives reinforces the belief that solo travel is not only possible but also enriching.

    Watching other solo female travel bloggers visit the locations I wanted to visit made it much more credible to me.

  11. Stay Open to Opportunities: Be open to unexpected opportunities that may arise in your journey. Manifestation often works in conjunction with serendipity, so remain flexible and open-minded.

    While you are taking aligned action, you must not worry too much about the how. You never know if you win a contest, or someone gives you an unexpected gift. All you have to concern yourself with is to take aligned action and stay in an open mindset. God / The Universe / The Creator / A Higher Power or Pure Luck may surprise you.

  12. Release attachments. Let go of exactly how or when it unfolds. Trust that your first solo journey manifests even better than you imagined.

  13. Mindfulness and Meditation: Practice mindfulness and meditation to stay centered and focused on your travel goals. These practices can help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with solo travel, fostering a positive mindset.

  14. Network with Solo Travelers: Connect with other solo female travelers online or in person. Their stories and advice can be both inspiring and practical, offering valuable insights for your own journey.

    Go to a local travel meetup or interact with a traveler’s content online. This will give you a space to ask questions. Don’t expect this person to give you a full itinerary, but ask questions that you may not have yet found an answer to online or in their content.

  15. Find additional sources of income: If travel is a priority to you, you will find ways. I cut back on eating out often, I used income from a second job and I sold things online to meet my savings goal for the trip. I did not want to go into credit card debt in order to live this dream so I worked extra hours and saved money to avoid the debt.

Why Aligned Action is Key for Travel Manifestation

Focusing your thoughts, emotions and energy on your desired travel experiences through practices like visualization and meditation sends a magnetic signal about what you want to create. However, you also need to demonstrate your commitment through action.

Here’s why aligned action accelerates your travel manifestations:

  • It translates your intentions into forward momentum. Thoughts alone are not enough if you want actual changes.
  • It shows your level of commitment and trust in the process.
  • It unveils pathways, resources and synchronicities that get you closer to your travel goals.
  • It builds your confidence, skills and travel savviness to navigate new adventures.
  • It ignites inspiration and motivation to keep taking steps that light you up.
  • It helps release any hidden doubts, fears or perceived obstacles in your psyche.

When your inspired actions flow in the direction of your travel dreams, you are energetically primed to receive abundantly.

How to Discover your Aligned Travel Actions

The key is to let your aligned actions arise organically from inspiration, intuition and excitement rather than from pressure. Here are some ways to tune into the steps you can take:

  • After visualizing your travel dream, notice what first action pops into your mind. Go with that nudge.
  • Pay attention to what travel steps spark joy, curiosity and engagement for you. Those are aligned.
  • When you catch yourself daydreaming about your trip, ask “What step can I take right now?”
  • Spend time brainstorming and mind-mapping all possible actions to get clearer.
  • As you complete one step, the next right one will become obvious. Trust your intuition.
  • Try on different actions and see which resonate most. Does it light you up? It’s aligned.

By following your inner promptings rather than rigid plans, you build momentum joyfully.

Examples of Aligned Action for Travel Goals

Here are some examples of dream trip goals and the aligned actions you can take to help you manifest the outcome. Remember each will be unique to you:.

Dream Trip Goal:

Manifesting a Mediterranean island-hopping adventure.

7 Day Sailing through the Mediterranean

Aligned Actions

  • Research flights and accommodation options
  • Review cruise dates and costs
  • Decide if you want to go on a cruise, use a travel agent or plan your own way
  • Create a vision board with pictures of desired destinations
  • Brainstorm ways to earn extra income for your trip
  • Talk to friends who’ve done similar trips and get advice
  • Make a list of top activities and sights to see
  • Practice feeling gratitude for upcoming adventure
  • Start saving daily toward your trip fund

Dream Trip Goal:

Manifesting a six-month long-term remote work stint.

Woman remote working

Aligned Actions

  • Reach out to your current employer about the possibility of remote work arrangement
  • Apply for relevant remote jobs that offer location flexibility
  • Research visa requirements for digital nomads at the country or countries you will be based in.
  • Join online communities of location-independent travelers
  • Envision your ideal remote work lifestyle in detail
  • Begin taking steps to digitize your income streams
  • Make a plan for housing/short-term rentals while abroad
  • Create a list of costs associated with this type of trip.

Dream Trip Goal

Manifesting a journey across Vietnam.

Woman overlooking the Tam Coc region of Vietnam

Aligned Actions:

  • Read books/blogs from other travelers who’ve been
  • Make a list of destinations, sites, cities on your Vietnam wishlist
  • Research travel visas, recommended vaccines, packing lists
  • Create daily affirmations about your journey ahead
  • Begin setting aside funds each week for your trip
  • Tell close, supportive friends about your Vietnam travel dream
  • Practice meditation visualizing your magical adventure.
  • Learn simple words like “hello”, “goodbye”, “yes”, “no”, “thank you”, “how much does it cost?” and “where’s the bathroom?”

Trust the Timing and Let Go of Attachment

Manifestation hardly ever unfolds exactly how or when we envision it. Whatever energy you believe in (God, The Universe, Higher Power, The Creator) has its own timeline. While consistent action creates momentum, you must also cultivate patience and detachment from controlling the outcomes.

Here are some tips for surrendering:

  • Avoid fixating on rigid timelines. Allow a flexible flow.
  • Release the need to know details or exact steps ahead. Take it one aligned action at a time.
  • Trust that things are unfolding perfectly even if not how you imagined.
  • Know that aligned opportunities you need will appear at the right moment.
  • Focus on enjoying the journey rather than obsessing over the destination.
  • Practice present-moment gratitude for exactly where you’re at, right now.

When you relinquish attachment and rigidity about how your dreams manifest, the right people, resources and opportunities arise effortlessly. You will find dates that are perfect for your trip and fit into your budget, Things will align, however please be understanding that often trips don’t go exactly as planned 100% of the time. Weather is unpredictable, flights change or are cancelled and things happen. Make sure to give yourself some flexibility (and purchase travel insurance) so that you can adjust accordingly.

Signs Your Aligned Action is Manifesting Successful Travel

When you consistently take steps in harmony with your travel goals, you begin to see signs of tangible progress. Here are some indicators your manifested trip is on its way:

  • Synchronicities, lucky breaks and unexpected blessings that open doors
  • New inspiring ideas about actions to take come to you frequently
  • You naturally attract resources, people and opportunities aligned with your travel desires
  • Evidence your dreams are possible unfold, boosting faith and clarity
  • You feel energized and enthusiastic about actions to take rather than forced
  • Peace, trust and gratitude replace doubt, frustration and attachment
  • Tangible elements of your trips begin falling beautifully into place

Keep going! These are all signals you are on the right track manifesting your travel dreams into reality.

Constructive Ways to Handle Any Perceived Barriers

Barriers and obstacles along your manifestation journey are natural. But viewed through a lens of growth and faith, they provide valuable lessons.

Here are positive ways to navigate any challenges:

Self-doubt thoughts – Replace them immediately with affirmations of your abilities and worthiness.

Perceived lack of resources – Get creative about ways to manifest support. unexpected blessings can arise.

No motivation – Recenter in your travel dream and how much you want it. Envision taking steps.

Overwhelm about specifics – Break it down into small steps. Just focus on the very next one.

Comparison to others – Your path is unique. Progress at your own pace.

Fear of unknown factors – Release need for certainty or control. Adventures reveal themselves.

Impatience with timing – Trust perfect timing. Practice living happily now while dreams unfold.

With responsive adjustments to challenges, your actions stay aligned. Minor course corrections keep you smoothly headed toward manifestations.

Commit to Consistent Action Over Time Toward Travel Goals to Manifest Travel

Manifesting through aligned action is a process. It requires dedication and perseverance. To maintain momentum:

  • Set reminders to recharge yourself daily with visualization and affirmations.
  • Celebrate and acknowledge each little win and step forward.
  • Reread your manifestation journal when motivation wanes.
  • Share positive milestones with your community for accountability.
  • Remember how incredible it will feel to experience your manifested dream.
  • Focus on the joy of the adventure rather than just the end result.

Consistency compounds powerful benefits over time. Small steps add up to huge leaps. Maintain your commitment to keep unfolding what your heart desires.

Isn’t this all just too WOO WOO?

Many years ago, I was a skeptic about manifestation, visualization, affirmations, all of it. Having experienced a family bankruptcy by 18 and immigrating to the U.S. with just $20 in my pocket— manifesting dreams through thoughts and beliefs sounded so unrealistic to me. However over the years I began reading about the success stories of various celebrities and sports stars that used manifestation and visualization techniques and it completely flipped the script for me. Turns out, some of the most influential figures swear by these practices to achieve success.

Here are some examples of celebrities and sports stars who have utilized manifestation, visualization, and other mindfulness techniques to create their success:

  • Oprah Winfrey is a vocal advocate for manifestation, using gratitude journals and vision boards to attract what she desires.
  • Lady Gaga attributes her career partially to manifesting her dreams through constant visualization and believing in her destiny.
  • Jim Carrey wrote himself a $10 million check before he made it big, visualizing his success. He dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and it came true by that date.
  • Venus Williams visualizes her tennis serves in detail before big matches and uses mental imagery to pre-experience winning.
  • LeBron James begins every game day by manifesting what he wants to accomplish through visualization and self-talk.
  • Serena Williams keeps vision boards of her athletic aspirations and imagines winning tournaments in advance.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger envisioned his bodybuilding and acting successes vividly and believes manifestation was crucial.

After reading so many books and articles and yes, even watching The Secret, I decided to try manifesting trips. The first trip I that I recognized that I was able to manifest was a trip to Iceland in 2016. Iceland had been on my list for over 15 years. I was intrigued by Bjork and Iceland since the 90s but always thought that a trip to Iceland would be out of my financial realm. I will tell the story someday but needless to say that not only did I go on the trip but the trip ended up paying for itself after some flight delays.

Woman dressed in grey in front of Hallgrimskirkja Church
Manifested Travel to Iceland in 2016

Beginning Your Travel Manifestation Journey

The new year provides the perfect blank slate for intentions. Set crystal clear travel goals and define your dream trips in vivid detail. Capture these in a journal.

Then begin to brainstorm all possible aligned actions – big and small – that would get you closer. Follow what sparks enthusiasm. Lean into intuition.

Schedule action steps, record your progress, and weave travel action into your daily routine.

Most importantly, bring a spirit of lightness, trust and gratitude to the process. Detach from fixed expectations.

You’ve got this! Consistent inspired action will make your wildest travel dreams an incredible reality.

In no time you will be able to manifest travel in your life.

If this is your first time reading my blog, welcome! I am Mari and I help Latinas and other first gen women travel the world solo if they wish to do so. This blog post is part of The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide. I provide information on why Latinas should never travel solo, How Men Can Help Keep Women Safe While Traveling, and so much more. If you have any ideas or comments, please drop it below. I would love to hear from you!

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