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No matter how many years I’ve been on the road traveling solo – almost 17 years here – there’s this one constant thing that happens every single time: the nerves I feel before a trip.

You might be thinking, “Wait, what? Aren’t you the Queen of Trips by now?” Wellllll, hold that thought because, yes, even after so many years of traveling for business and leisure, I still get that pre-trip jitters. You would be right to assume that with a lifetime of packing and unpacking (which I hate), the nervous flutter in my stomach would fade away. But nope, not for this traveler.

So what do I do days before a trip? I begin to use positive self talk and travel affirmations to help me ease the excitment and anxiety before a trip. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and routine, which can bring up all kinds of emotions

Almost every traveler I know experiences some sort of doubt, hesitation and straight up nerves before a trip. It’s totally normal!

For me, a pit starts forming in my stomach about a week before a solo trip. I start second-guessing all my plans. Thoughts like “What if I get lost?” or “What if I’m bored and lonely?” start creeping in uninvited. Sound familiar?

Rather than convincing myself to back out of the trip, which, let’s be honest, that would NEVER happen. I’ve found self-talk and travel affirmations help me push past the pre-trip panic.

walking up the walk way from Gulfoss

What is Positive Self-Talk?

The longest person you have a conversation (and the loudest voice), is YOU. Self Talk is also known as all of the thoughts rattling around in our minds all day long. For many of us, our self-talk often veers into fear-based doubting and worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet.

The good news is that there are techniques you can use to intentionally shift your self-talk from unhelpful to supportive. You have the power to reframe your thoughts. For example, one of the self-doubting questions that may come up before a trip is “What if I have an emergency and can’t get help?” I tell myself: “I know how to handle uncertainties skillfully.”

Positive self talk is the act of consciously choosing to use optimistic and affirming language in your thoughts, which can have a positive impact on your mindset, emotions, and overall well-being.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help us reprogram our subconscious minds. By repeating uplifting phrases about the experiences we wish to have, we can pave the way for those outcomes to happen in real life. Travel affirmations can help you manifest your desired reality. With regular practice, affirmations promote a calm, optimistic and empowered mindset – key ingredients for manifesting positive travel experiences!

Why do we need to reprogram our subconscious?

Our subconscious mind shapes how we perceive the world based on our underlying beliefs, assumptions, and past programming. By feeding our subconscious positive affirmations, we can transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones. Affirmations help us change emotional reactions, habits, behaviors, perceptions, visions, self-talk patterns, and manifested outcomes over time into alignment with our conscious travel desires.

What is a Travel Affirmation

Travel affirmations are short, positive phrases stated in the present tense to help you affirm ideal outcomes related to your trips. They help you get into a positive mindset, release limiting beliefs and blocks, and align your energy to attract what you desire. The subconscious seeks to align actions with beliefs. 

Woman jumping at Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
Jumping for Joy at Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

How do Affirmations Work?

When you repeatedly feed your mind positive thoughts, you start to replace old limiting beliefs with an open mindset.

Here are some key ways affirmations work:

  • Boosts Self-Confidence: Hearing positive phrases about yourself counteracts negative self-talk and helps build self-trust. This gives you the courage to say yes to new travel adventures.

  • Increases Motivation: Affirmations keep your motivation high by reminding you of your goals and desired outcomes. This momentum keeps you actively pursuing, in this case, travel experiences.

  • Reduces Anxiety: Calming affirmations decrease fear and worry, allowing you to stay more present, peaceful and engaged during your journeys.

  • Strengthens Your Intuition: Tapping into your inner wisdom through affirmations helps guide wise decisions and paths forward when traveling.

  • Manifests Outcomes: Focusing consistently on what you want to experience helps those desires to take shape through your thoughts, words and actions.

Affirmations work best when repeated consistently over a period of time. The more deeply engrained they become in your psyche, the more automatic the new empowering perspectives feel. While challenges and obstacles may still arise during a trip, affirmations prepare you with an empowered mindset to navigate these challenges smoothly. You’ll have the inner resources to handle difficulties and focus on positive solutions.

Benefits of using Travel Affirmations

Using travel affirmations helps reshape limiting beliefs, transform emotional reactions, establishes supportive habits, sparks motivation, shifts perceptions, nurtures inner dialogues, and manifests desired experiences. Travel affirmations help us adopt empowering beliefs that lead to spontaneous growth and blessing-seeing. They turn nervousness into excitement and assumption of the worst into faith in the best.

Travel affirmations provide motivation when plans change and cultivate self-nurturing inner conversations. Affirmative programming shapes our journeys by aligning our subconscious with our conscious travel dreams. With regular practice, affirmations promote a calm, optimistic and empowered mindset – the key ingredients for manifesting positive travel experiences!

Of course, even the most seasoned travelers may encounter unexpected setbacks. Using affirmations isn’t about pretending bad things won’t ever happen. Instead, it’s about conditioning your thoughts to manifest the best possible scenario without ignoring the reality. By focusing on desired outcomes, you call in that energy rather than giving power to the negative.

How can I use Travel Affirmations?

Pick a few of the affirmations from the list below that resonate the most, write them down and start repeating them as often as possible to shift your mindset during the planning stage of a trip, days before and during trips. Over time, take note of the positive impacts they have on your travel experiences.

Travel Affirmations for Travel Opportunities

  1. I attract abundant travel opportunities that fulfill my wanderlust.

  2. I am provided with chances to explore new destinations.

  3. I manifest trips that expand my perspectives and worldview.

  4. Travel invites me to discover more beauty in the world and within myself.

  5. My life overflows with chances for adventure and cultural immersion.

  6. I welcome travel opportunities that nourish my spirit and feed my soul.

  7. The world calls to me, inviting me to discover its hidden wonders.

  8. I attract customized trips aligned with my travel dreams and desires.

  9. Each day opens me up to new travel possibilities and experiences.

  10. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy at the travel opportunities possible for me.

  11. I embrace invitations for travel with enthusiasm.

  12. New destinations continuously reveal themselves to me.

  13. I attract deeply rewarding travel experiences without effort or force.

  14. I manifest my travel dreams.

  15. I am open and receptive to travel opportunities coming my way.

  16. My soul longs to voyage to new places and I trust it will show me the way.

  17. Each trip enriches my life’s journey and opens up new possibilities.

  18. I welcome a steady stream of travel invitations tailored to my interests.

  19. The world eagerly awaits my arrival, ready to delight and inspire me.

  20. I attract customized travel experiences that resonate with my soul.

  21. My heart and spirit are nourished by the richness of my travel adventures.

  22. I embrace every travel opportunity that helps me learn and grow.

  23. My travel dreams effortlessly materialize into reality.

  24. I welcome new ideas for exploration, discovery and transformation.

  25. My soul attracts exactly the travel experiences it needs for growth and joy.

  26. I have access to unlimited travel opportunities.

Travel Manifestations for Confidence during Solo Travel

  1. I am completely safe while traveling solo.

  2. I exude confidence and positivity whenever and wherever I travel.

  3. I trust in my abilities to navigate new destinations with ease.

  4. My inner wisdom guides me to make wise decisions during my travels.

  5. I embrace every travel adventure with bravery, curiosity and excitement.

  6. Each new place awakens my sense of wonder and joy of exploration.

  7. I meet each travel experience with optimism, self-trust and an open heart.

  8. I welcome the unknown, knowing I have the inner resources to handle anything.

  9. My confidence allows me to live every moment of my trips to the fullest.

  10. I believe in my ability to create magical travel memories.

  11. I am capable, resourceful and intuitive no matter where I travel.

  12. My confidence allows me to be fully present and engaged throughout my journeys.

  13. I trust my instincts to guide me as I explore new territories.

  14. Each trip renews my desire for adventure and connection.

  15. I welcome unexpected surprises knowing they hold valuable lessons.

  16. I am bold, spontaneous and adventurous whenever I get the chance to travel.

  17. My confidence grows exponentially with every new place I visit.

  18. I embrace the unfamiliar with poise, patience and an open mind.

  19. I tap into my inner wisdom and strength in the face of obstacles or challenges.

  20. Every travel experience reveals my hidden talents, skills and qualities.

  21. I meet new people with an open heart, easily making connections everywhere.

  22. I embrace my travel style, trusting my preferences and needs.

  23. My confidence shines bright, no matter where my journeys take me.

  24. I welcome unexpected detours as chances for growth and joyful surprises.

  25. I believe in my ability to create magical memories everywhere I go.

  26. I feel safe, empowered and adventurous during my solo travels.

  27. My confidence and intuition guide me on rewarding solo journeys.

  28. I trust myself completely as I explore new places independently.

  29. I connect deeply with my inner wisdom when traveling alone.

  30. My solo travels reveal my courage, independence and adaptability.

  31. I feel a sense of liberation traveling the world on my own terms.

  32. I embrace every opportunity for self-discovery when traveling solo.

  33. My solo travels are enriched by unexpected surprises and joyful encounters.

  34. Each destination awakens my sense of wonder and curiosity.

  35. I welcome solo travel as a chance to know myself more deeply.

  36. I feel totally at ease in my own company while traveling independently.

  37. My solo journeys nourish my spirit and feed my adventurous soul.

  38. I tap into my inner voice and instincts when navigating alone.

  39. I feel empowered, fulfilled and expanded during my solo trips.

  40. My solo adventures reveal new facets of my true self.

  41. I trust my ability to handle uncertainty and the unfamiliar alone.

  42. My confidence grows each time I travel independently.

  43. I feel a sense of liberation and expansion traveling solo.

  44. My courage and abilities shine bright during my solo travels.

  45. I savor precious moments of solitude and self-discovery.

  46. My solo travels connect me deeply with my inner wisdom.

  47. I feel safe and guided as I explore new territories alone.

  48. My solo journeys ignite my spirit of independence and adventure.

  49. I gain clarity, insight and empowerment through traveling alone.

  50. I tap into my intuition and inner voice during my solo travels.

Travel Affirmations for Latina Solo Female Travelers

  1. I lovingly honor my family while following my heart’s call to adventure.

  2. I am safe, protected and divinely guided on my travels.

  3. I am grateful for my family’s care, and now I am off to courageously explore life.

  4. The world welcomes me with kindness. I go forth to experience it.

  5. Abundance sustains me on my travels. I accept gifts, miracles and help gratefully.

  6. My dreams matter. I boldly live them, regardless of expectations.

  7. I stay true to myself. Only I know my soul’s journey.

  8. I am ready for this. The time is now. My family’s doubts cannot stop me.

  9. The world needs what I have to offer. I give it freely.

  10. My life is mine to live fully. I allow no one to limit my growth and joy.

  11. I forgive the past. Today I begin a new chapter of freedom.

  12. I release the past. I live each moment freely in the now.

  13. I am safe. I trust my instincts.

  14. My life overflows with adventure. I embrace it all!

  15. I am worthy of seeing the world and living my boldest dreams.

  16. I am safe and protected wherever I go.

  17. I honor my lineage while blazing my own trail.

  18. The world welcomes me with kindness and joy.

  19. I surrender financial worries knowing my needs are provided for.

  20. My adventurous spirit leads me to new cultures and beautiful places.

  21. I am grateful for my family’s love. I honor their concerns, while following my own path.

  22. My dreams matter. I manifest them easily.

  23. I stay true to myself, regardless of others’ expectations.

  24. I trust myself completely. My wisdom guides my journey.

  25. The time is now. I boldly take this next step, without hesitation.

  26. My life overflows with passion and adventure. I embrace it all!

  27. I release the past. I live each moment freely in the now.

  28. Though I travel alone, I am safe.

  29. The gifts I find in the world are meant for me. I receive them joyfully.

  30. Each day brings new blessings along my journey.

  31. I allow abundance to enter my life in expected and unexpected ways.

  32. Insight and inspiration pour over me daily. My dreams manifest easily.

  33. I forgive past limitations, and now courageously live my truth.

  34. I am ready for this adventure! The time is now.

  35. My voice deserves to be heard. I share my gifts freely with the world.

  36. I allow my heart to guide me, beyond the doubts of family or society.

  37. The Earth delights my senses and renews my spirit.

  38. I embrace life fully – the joys, challenges and blessings. I live my dreams boldly!

  39. I live my ancestors’ wildest dreams.
Belize Dollars

Travel Affirmations for Financial Abundance

  1. I attract abundant financial resources to support my travel dreams.

  2. Money flows to me easily to fund my adventures.

  3. I effortlessly attract ideal travel opportunities that align perfectly with my financial means.

  4. My income exceeds my expenses, allowing me to travel frequently.

  5. I welcome unexpected gifts of money to fund my trips.

  6. My finances are flourishing, providing money for travel and experiences.

  7. I manifest discounted travel prices and free upgrades.

  8. Financial prosperity energizes my travel dreams into reality.

  9. I have more than enough resources to travel anywhere I wish and the time freedom to travel whenever I want.

  10. I am a money magnet, attracting wealth to fund my wanderlust.

  11. Travel opportunities flow to me with ease.

  12. I manifest travel arrangements gracefully and affordably.

  13. Abundance surrounds me, supporting my travel aspirations.

  14. I attract generous travel gifts and unexpected surprises.

  15. My income creates freedom to explore the farthest reaches of the world.

  16. I welcome new streams of income to support my travel passions.

  17. My finances improve daily, funding journeys that light up my soul.

  18. I am open to receiving financial assistance to actualize my travel dreams.

  19. My money works for me, earning abundant profits for travel.

  20. I tap into unlimited financial potential through inspired travel ideas.

  21. My passions are massively profitable, funding global adventures.

  22. I attract wealth through pursuing my travel dreams.

  23. Investing in travel returns exponential financial rewards.

  24. My finances overflow with funds for travel.

  25. Travel makes me wealthier on every level: financially, spiritually and emotionally.

  26. My income constantly rises to support richer travel experiences.

  27. I welcome new income streams to fund my wildest travel dreams.

  28. My finances thrive through sharing my travel wisdom with others.

  29. Abundant travel opportunities align with my finances.

  30. I manifest sold out trips at discounted rates.

  31. I attract financial bonuses to splurge on dream vacations.

  32. My money multiplying skills provide abundant funds for lavish journeys.

  33. My income transcends traditional models, freeing me to travel endlessly.

  34. I am open to receiving big money through inspired travel ideas.

  35. Wealth Energy flows through me to manifest extravagant adventures.

  36. I attract luxury travel sponsors eager to support my journeys.

  37. Financial miracles arrive so I can check places off my bucket list.

  38. Travel makes me wealthier in wisdom, fulfillment and joy.

  39. My finances improve daily, funding globetrotting dreams.

  40. Travel opportunities within my means appear without effort.

  41. I receive money from unexpected sources to travel lavishly.

  42. Increased income finances freedom to explore new frontiers.

  43. My finances grow rapidly to actualize lifelong travel goals.

  44. I allow prosperity energy to upgrade my travel lifestyle exponentially.

  45. Abundance overflows in my life, funding unlimited adventures.

  46. I attract wealth through wisdom gained traveling the world.

  47. Sharing my travel knowledge blesses me with abundant income.

  48. My finances flourish as I pursue soul-nourishing journeys.

  49. Divine Source funds my travels abundantly through multiple income streams.

  50. My financial means are constantly growing, allowing me to enjoy luxurious experiences and frequent travel.

  51. Travel mistakes and delays always work out in my favor.

  52. Money is energy, and it flows to me easily for travel adventures.

  53. I welcome new avenues of passive income to support my journeys.

  54. My finances are ever-expanding to match my travel dreams.

  55. I attract win-win opportunities that fund my trips through sharing my gifts.

  56. My income surpasses traditional models, freeing me to travel.

  57. I stay open to receive financial solutions to fund my trips.

  58. My bank account balance grows higher each day.

  59. I am financially free to explore the world on my own terms.

  60. Ideas for new income streams come to me daily.

  61. I create multiple streams of automated income to travel freely.

  62. My work is enormously profitable, funding extensive travel.

  63. I attract high-paying dream jobs that support my desired travel lifestyle.

  64. My investments earn optimal returns for lavish journeys.

  65. Money flows easily for both my needs and my wildest travel wishes.

  66. I welcome unexpected income surprises so I may travel more.

  67. My finances improve exponentially over time.

  68. I manifest luxury trips at surprisingly affordable rates.

  69. The more I travel, the more I expand my financial prosperity, creating a positive cycle of abundance and exploration.

  70. My income and wealth multiply quickly.

  71. I am open to creative new ways to earn and invest.

  72. Financial freedom energizes my travel dreams into reality.

  73. I stay alert to lucrative opportunities aligned with my passions.

  74. My travel dreams motivate and inspire me to earn abundantly.

  75. I prosper by doing what I love.

  76. I receive generous cash gifts to support my trips.

  77. I attract sponsors who fund my travel adventures.

  78. My needs are abundantly met at every moment.

  79. I stay open to financial blessings from any source for travel.

  80. My income supersedes my expenses, freeing up funds for travel.

  81. I welcome unexpected bonuses and windfalls.

  82. I manifest travel opportunities perfectly aligned for my lifestyle.

  83. Money comes easily thanks to my energy and knowledge.

  84. I receive generous travel opportunities, discounts, and upgrades.

  85. My finances improve daily as I pursue soulful journeys.

  86. I prosper through sharing my passion and gifts with the world.

  87. My financial worth grows exponentially.

  88. Financial freedom and travel are intertwined in my life, creating a harmonious and fulfilling adventure.

  89. Abundance is my natural state, within and without.

  90. My money grows and circulates joyfully.

  91. I am open to receive money from expected and unexpected sources.

  92. I attract win-win opportunities to monetize my skills and talents.

  93. Ideas for new income streams come to me often.

  94. My financial needs are effortlessly met.

  95. Investing in my dreams yields high returns.

  96. My work fulfills and rewards me abundantly.

  97. I stay open to receive helpful financial information and opportunities.

  98. I prosper in ways that honor my values.

  99. There are infinite ways for me to earn and grow my wealth.

  100. Money comes easily thanks to my creative gifts and talents.

  101. I welcome new avenues of income to support rich experiences.

  102. My finances improve daily as I pursue soulful journeys.

  103. All my investments earn excellent returns.

  104. I attract financial solutions that fund my dreams.

  105. Travel sponsors are eager to support my epic adventures.

  106. I receive unexpected cash surprises frequently.

  107. I release any fear or anxiety about money, knowing that I am supported in creating the financial abundance necessary for my travel goals.
Woman jumping in front of The Frontenac Hotel in Vieux Quebec
Jumping for Joy at The Frontenac

Focus your thoughts on where you want to go, who you want to meet and how you want to feel. Your inner world shapes your outer reality. By filling your mind with positive suggestions, you are paving the way for uplifting travel experiences aligned with your desires. Here are 20 more examples of specific affirmations. Use any of these as examples to craft your own:

  1. I am filled with gratitude as I explore the sights and sounds of Paris.

  2. My heart is full of joy as I lounge on the beaches of Hawaii, feeling the warm sand between my toes.

  3. I am thankful to be experiencing the mystical energy of Machu Picchu.

  4. I am grateful to be tasting the delicious food in Thailand.

  5. I am appreciative as I hike through the vast landscapes of Patagonia.

  6. I feel blessed to be seeing the wildlife on an African safari.

  7. I am thankful to be trekking through the powdery snow of the Swiss Alps.

  8. I am grateful to be in awe of the beauty of the Northern Lights in Iceland.

  9. I am appreciative to be in Japan, learning about its history and culture.

  10. I am thankful to be overlooking the majesty of the Grand Canyon in awe.

  11. I am grateful to be dancing freely at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

  12. I am appreciative to be walking through charming villages in the Tuscan countryside.

  13. I am blessed to be scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and seeing so much marine life.

  14. I am thankful to be camping under the stars in the Australian Outback.

  15. I am filled with gratitude, sampling wine and cheese in the vineyards of France.

  16. I am appreciative to be admiring the cityscape of Dubai.

  17. I am grateful to be exploring ancient sites and bazaars in Morocco.

  18. I am thankful to be watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

  19. I am appreciative to be sailing the crystal blue waters of the Greek islands.

  20. I am blessed to be trekking through the landscapes of New Zealand.

Let affirmations help you rewrite the mental scripts holding you back from bold, enriching adventures. The possibilities are endless when you believe in your power to manifest!

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